Hand Controls

A range of hand controls all in one place. Hand controls can help with acceleration, braking, indicating and much more.

Push/Pull Accelerator and Brake Hand Controls

The push/pull hand controls are designed primarily for vehicles with an automatic gearbox and are available as either a left or right hand adaptation. They are particularly useful for customers who find using standard pedals for braking or acceleration difficult.

The controls pull back to accelerate and push forward to apply the brake. The pedal functions are retained and therefore do not impede normal driving functions.

Indicator Switches

There is the option of an indicator switch, which allows the driver to switch from left to right indicator without taking their hands off the hand controls.  

Pedal Guards

Operating the hand controls still enables the driver to use the pedals. If this is a problem, a pedal guard could be the solution. The guard system blocks access to the pedals when driving using hand controls. The guard is removable to allow access to the pedals for drivers who do not use the hand controls.

Electronic Accelerator Ring

The electronic accelerator ring transfers the accelerator control from the pedal to the wheel. It is used by drivers who have a complete lack of functionality to both lower limbs. The ring is placed under the original wheel allowing easy access to the car controls without restricting or obstructing driving for others who don’t use it.

Electric Handbrake

Electric controls can be added to the dashboard. When the button is pressed, the electric handbrake will be released. This is ideal for those with limited arm movement and strength. 

Electric Tailgate 

A button can be added to the dashboard to electronically open the boot. This is suitable for those who struggle to reach the boot or have limited movement. 

Sojadis Accel III

This radial accelerator has two levers located on both sides of the steering wheel for easy driving. The use of the brake will override the accelerator for safety.

Sojadis Twist-Grip

The Twist-Grip incorporates an electronic accelerator with a mechanical brake. Simply turn to accelerate or push to brake. 

Handytech Touch Electronic Accelerator

This device can be used by the right or left hand, particularly by the thumb. It can easily be transferred from one vehicle to another if this is required. The parking assist switch and the automatic activation of the original kick down will fulfil your requirements.

Handytech Over and Under Ring Accelerator

Under Ring Accelerator 

Over Ring Accelerator

Pulling towards the steering wheel of the under ring accelerator and pushing towards the steering wheel of the over ring accelerator both allow for gradual acceleration. The under ring allows room for loading a wheelchair and transferring from a wheelchair to the car.

Clark & Partners offer a bespoke service and can tailor solutions to the needs of the user. The above list is an overview of the options available. Contact us to discuss your requirements with an adaptations advisor.