Other Driving Adaptations

We can install a range of other vehicle adaptations to make the road ahead easier and more enjoyable.

Easy Release Handbrake

The Easy Release Handbrake is designed for people who have difficulty with left hand mobility or for people who need to operate the parking brake and gear shift with their right hand. This simple device eliminates the need to depress the release button on the parking brake or gear shift.

Electric Handbrake

Electric controls can be added to the dashboard. When the button is pressed, the electric handbrake will be released. This is ideal for those with limited arm movement and strength.

Electric Tailgate 

A button can be added to the dashboard to electronically open the boot. This is suitable for those who struggle to reach the boot or have limited movement.

Extended Seat Runners

We can reposition the passenger or driver’s seat to extend further back by an extra 10cm on most models for taller drivers. 

Raised Seats

We can raise the passenger or driver’s seat in most models for smaller drivers who can’t see over the steering wheel.

Extended Door Openings

We can adjust the door to gain wider access on most models.

Tailgate Pull Down Straps 

We can fit extended straps to make reaching and pulling down the boot easier.

Driver Protection Screens

Drivers that carry passengers with learning disabilities can be at risk from physical interference or disturbance of concentration. We can make a bespoke screen to suit your individual needs. 

This protection screen was custom made by our Bespoke Engineer.

Slam Lock

A slam lock can be added to the vehicle for extra security. If the vehicle was broken into, the slam lock would be triggered, meaning that intruders wouldn’t be able to access valuables in the boot. 

Bespoke Ramps

We can tailor ramps to suit individual needs for access to and from vehicles. 

Dock ‘N’ Lock

This new self-docking system is wheelchair specific for powerchairs up to 200kg. It secures individual powerchairs in a vehicle. Call us with the powerchair and vehicle details and we’ll do the rest. 

Handytech Push Vertical Brake

The vertical brake is easy to push forward to apply the brake. It is not bound to the steering column, meaning more room for transferring from a wheelchair to the seat. The device can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user. It can be transferred from one vehicle to another if required.

Clark & Partners offer a bespoke service and can tailor solutions to the needs of the user. The above list is an overview of the options available. Contact us to discuss your requirements with an adaptations advisor.