Pedal Adaptations

A range of pedal adaptations can be made for those who don't have full use of both legs, struggle to reach the pedals or operate the pedals via hand controls. 

Twin Flip Folding Left Foot Accelerator

This system is for customers who do not have the use of their right leg. It incorporates two accelerator pedals fitted to the car, which can only be used one at a time for safety.

This enables a driver to operate the accelerator with their right or left foot whilst the other pedal is safely folded up out of the way.

Electric Left Foot Accelerator

Designed for vehicles with an electric organ style accelerator pedal, as seen in vehicles such as BMW and Volkswagen. A genuine manufacturer's pedal is installed to the left of the brake and is connected to the accelerator system. 

The required accelerator pedal is selected by simply moving a toggle switch to the desired side. The other pedal will not be operable.  

Pedal Guards

Operating the hand controls still enables the driver to use the pedals. If this is a problem, a pedal guard could be the solution.

The guard system blocks access to the pedals when driving using hand controls. The guard is removable to allow access to the pedals for drivers who do not use the hand controls.

Hinged Accelerators

The accelerator pedal can be hinged up out of the way, creating more room in the footwell for the hand control user.

Raised Pedals

Pedals can be raised in most models to accommodate for those who have difficulty reaching the pedals.

Clark & Partners offer a bespoke service and can tailor solutions to the needs of the user. The above list is an overview of the options available. Contact us to discuss your requirements with an adaptations advisor.