Person Hoists

Person hoists are very similar to the hoists that are used in the home such as bath hoists and bed hoists. They lift the person into the front of a comfortable car seat.

The person sits in a sling (small, medium or large) and an electric motor will raise them out of the wheelchair. With the help of an assistant their legs are swung into the vehicle and they are gently lowered into the passenger seat.

Handytech Handylift

A sturdy fabric sling is placed between the person and the wheelchair and hooked to the Handylift to allow an easy transfer from the wheelchair to the car seat. It can lift up to 110kg. It will fit in the boot after use. The Handylift is adjustable to suit different needs.

Clark & Partners offer a bespoke service and can tailor solutions to the needs of the user. The above list is an overview of the options available. Contact us to discuss your requirements with an adaptations advisor.