Boot Hoists

A boot hoist is a small crane designed to lift the scooter/powerchair in to the boot. There are two main types of hoists: two way & four way.

The four way option is a fully powered hoist that will lower and raise the scooter and also swing in and out of the car by remote control.

Telescopic Hoist

The telescopic 120kg hoist simply and efficiently loads and unloads scooters and wheelchairs to and from the boot. It has a single button operation and the automated sequencing can be stopped or reversed at any time. There is no requirement to guide the scooter or wheelchair throughout the hoisting process.


The Joey fits inside a minivan or full size van to lift the user’s unoccupied scooter or powerchair onto the platform and store in the van. Securing belts are included for added safety when the platform raises into the van. 

40kg 2 Way Hoist

The 40kg 2 way hoist is ideal for lifting manual wheelchairs into the boot of most vehicles. The arm and boom fold away when not in use. It has a locking position for safety before lifting.

80kg 4 Way Hoist

This 4 way hoist lifts powerchairs and scooters up to 80kg. It fits into most 4x4s, MPV type vehicles, estate cars and some hatchbacks. The hoist assembly can be easily removed if extra space is needed.

The hoist is installed to the side of the vehicle and runs off the vehicle’s battery. It is, however, protected from overload by a fuse and current limiting device.  Taller and wider wheelchairs and scooters can be accommodated with the newly designed hook and spreader bar. 

100kg 4 Way Hoist

This 4 way hoist operates the same way as the 80kg, except it can lift wheelchairs and scooters up to 100kg. 

Also available in: 120kg, 150kg.

Carolift 6000/6900

A telescopic wheelchair and scooter hoist which lifts up to 181kg. The mobility device can be picked up from the side of the vehicle. It fits in almost all car models and can be installed in estate wagons with rear sloping doors. 

Carolift 325

This wheelchair or scooter hoist is mainly intended for a mobility device with a removed seat. It can be taken apart and the two pieces can be stored anywhere in the vehicle. It fits sedans and lifts up to 82kg. It has manual rotation and powered lifting, which is operated by controls on top of the hoist. 

Clark & Partners offer a bespoke service and can tailor solutions to the needs of the user. The above list is an overview of the options available. Contact us to discuss your requirements with an adaptations advisor.